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Healing comes from within
Times of India – India
“In the past few weeks, nearly 8 to 10 people have come to me to get reiki because of recession and increase in stress,” says Neelam Kewlani, director,
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Watch an introduction to Distance Healing Reiki from the founder of The Healing Center – Russ Littau

Distance Healing Reiki
Distance Reiki
Reiki Distance Healing
Long Distance Healing

Receive a Convergence Reiki Healing Treatment over the phone.

Unlike the Audio/Video modules contained in our library this is a real time conversation with myself focused on your specific request.

The donation for this treatment is $10.00 for a 10 minute treatment.

As I mention in the video we regularly achieve amazing results in only minutes so 10 minutes is plenty of time for your miracle.

As a matter of fact the testimonials contained on this website are from a video treatment that was only 10 minutes long.

Look under website links on the right hand side of this page and click on the link labeled Telephone Reiki Distance Treatment.

We will speak on phone initially and then begin the treatment. Structuring this way allows you to receive a full ten minutes of Convergence Reiki.

Live Telephone Reiki Distance Healing Treatment

Live Telephone Reiki Distance Healing Treatment

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